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Año 2012



  1. “Molybdenum addition to modified iron oxides for improving hydrogen separation in fixed bed by redox processes”
    Romero E., Soto R., Durán P., Herguido J., Peña J.A.
    Int. J. Hydrogen Energy, 37, 6978-6984, (2012)
  2. “Steam-iron process kinetic model using integral data regression”
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  3. “Stable steam reforming of ethanol in a Two Zone Fluidized Bed Reactor”
    Pérez-Moreno L., Soler J., Herguido J., Menéndez M.
    Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 51, 8840-8848, (2012)
  4. “Coupled PIV/DIA for fluid dynamic studies on a two-section two-zone fluidized bed reactor”
    Julián I., Gallucci F., van Sint Annaland M., Herguido J., Menéndez M.
    Chemical Engineering Journal, 207-208, 122-132, (2012)
  5. “Catalysts for the production of styrene from ethylbenzene: redox and deactivation study”
    Irún O., Sadosche S-A., Lasobras J., Soler J., Francés E., Herguido J., Menéndez M.
    Catalysis Today, in press, (2012)
  6. “Experimental study on the effect of different CO2 concentrations on soot and gas products from ethylene thermal decomposition”
    Abián M., Millera A., Bilbao R., Alzueta M.U.
    Fuel, 91, 307-312 , (2012)
  7. “Characterization and reactivity with NO/O2 of the soot formed in the pyrolyisis of acetylene-ethanol mixtures”
    Esarte C., Callejas M.A., Millera A., Bilbao R., Alzueta M.U.
    Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis, 94, 68-74, (2012)
  8. “Effect of recirculation gases on soot formed from ethylene pyrolyisis”
    Abián M., Millera A., Bilbao R., Alzueta M.U.
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  9. “Experimental and kinetic study of the interaction of a commercial soot toward NO at high temperature”
    Arnal C., Alzueta M.U., Millera A., Bilbao R.
    Combustion Science and Technology, 184, 1191-1206 , (2012)
  10. “Editorial: Special issue dedicated to “Cleaner Combustion 2011” conference”
    Alzueta M.U., Braun-Unkhoff M., Glaude P.A., Lendvay G., Serra L.M.
    Energy, 43, 2-3, (2012)
  11. “Formation of PAH and soot during the acetylene pyrolysis at different gas residence times and reaction temperatures”
    Sánchez N.E., Callejas M.A., Millera A., Bilbao R., Alzueta M.U.
    Energy, 43, 30-36, (2012)
  12. “Gas and soot products formed in the pyrolysis of acetylene mixed with methanol, ethanol, isopropanol or n-butanol”
    Esarte C., Abián M., Millera A., Bilbao R., Alzueta M.U.
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  13. “Influence of water vapor addition on soot oxidation at high temperature”
    Arnal C., Alzueta M.U., Millera A., Bilbao R.
    Energy, 43, 55-63, (2012)
  14. “Experimental and computational study of methane mixtures pyrolysis in a flow reactor under atmospheric pressure”
    Keramiotis Ch., Vourliotakis G., Skevis G., Founti M.A., Esarte C., Sánchez N.E., Alzueta M.U., Millera A., Bilbao R.
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  15. “Polyciclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) and soot formation in the pyrolysis of acetylene and ethylene. Effect of reaction temperature”
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  16. “Soot reactivity in conventional combustion and oxy-fuel combustion environments”
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  17. “Ordered mesoporous silica-(ZIF-8) core-shell spheres”
    Sorribas S., Zornoza B., Téllez C., Coronas J.
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  18. CAF@ZIF-8: One-step encapsulation of caffeine in MOF”
    Liédana N., Galve A., Rubio C., Téllez C., Coronas J.
    ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 4(9), 5016-5021, (2012)
  19. “Exfoliated zeolite Nu-6(2) as filler for 6FDA-based copolyimide mixed matrix membranes”
    Gorgojo P., Sieffert D., Staudt C., Tellez C., Coronas J.
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  20. “HKUST-1 MOF: A matrix to synthesize CuO and CuO-CeO2 nanoparticle catalysts for CO oxidation”
    Zamaro J.M., Pérez, N.C., Miró E.E., Casado C., Seoane B., Téllez C., Coronas J.
    Chemical Engineering Journal, 195-196, 180-187, (2012)
  21. “Preparation and characterization of ITQ-29/polysulfone mixed-matrix membranes for gas separation: Effect of zeolite composition and crystal size”
    Casado C., Soto J., Jimaré T.M., Valencia S., Corma A., Téllez C., Coronas J.
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  23. “Layered titanosilicates JDF-L1 and AM-4 for biocide applications”
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  24. “Sewage sludge pyrolysis for liquid production: A review”
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  25. “Sulphur removal using char and ash from meat and bone meal pyrolysis”
    Cascarosa E., Ortiz de Zárate M.C., Sánchez J.L., Gea G., Arauzo J.
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  26. “Meat and bone meal and coal co-gasification: Environmental advantages”
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  27. “Thermochemical processing of meat and bone meal: A review”
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  28. “Adsorption of adenine and thymine on zeolites: FT-IR and EPR spectroscopy and X-Ray diffractometry and SEM studies”
    Bau J.P.T., Carneiro C.E.A., de Souza Jr. I.G. , de Souza C.M.D., da Costa A.C.S.,
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  30. “L- and D-proline adsorption by chiral ordered mesoporous silica”
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  32. “A practical approach to zeolitic membranes and coatings: state of the art, opportunities, barriers and future perspectives”
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  33. “TGA study examining the effect of pressure and peak temperature on biochar yield during pyrolysis of two-phase olive mill waste”
    Manyá J., Roca F.X., Perales F.
    Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis.Elsevier.B.V. Publicado en web: (2012) Edición en papel: en prensa.
  34. “A review to establish current knowledge Gaps and research needs”
    Manyà J.
    Environmental Science and Technology, ACM, 46(15), 7939-7954, (2012)
  35. “Synthesis of magnetic nanocrystals by thermal decomposition in glycol media. effect of process variables and mechanistic study”
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  37. “Surface functionalization for tailoring the aggregation and magnetic behaviour of silica-coatediron oxide nanostructures”
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  38. “Nanoporous silicalite-only cantilevers as micromechanical sensors: Fabrication, resonance response and VOCs sensing performance”
    Pellejero I., Agustí J., Urbiztondo M.A., Sesé J., Pina M.P., Santamaría J., Abadal G.
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  40. “Synthesis and characterization of ultra-small NiCo/Graphite and FeNi/Graphite superparamagnetic nanoparticles”
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  41. “Fast microwave synthesis of Pt/MFI zeolite coatings on silicon micromonoliths: application to VOC catalytic combustion”
    Marín I., Adrover E., Urbiztondo M.A., Pina M.P., Mallada R., Santamaría J.
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  43. “Microwave-assisted mild-temperature preparation of neodymium-doped titania for the improved photodegradation of water contaminants”
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    Arruebo M.
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    International Journal of Chemical Kinetics, aceptado para su publicación.
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