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Año 2011



  1. “Cycle behaviour of iron ores in the steam-iron process”
    Lorente E., Peña J.A., Herguido J.
    Int. J. Hydrogen Energy, 36, 7043-7050, (2011)
  2. “TAP studies of Pt-Sn-K/g-Al2O3 catalyst for propane dehydrogenation”
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  4. “Stable steam reforming of ethanol in a two zone fluidized bed reactor”
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  6. “Molybdenum addition to modified iron oxides for improving hydrogen separation in fixed bed by redox processes”
    Romero E., Soto R., Durán P., Herguido J., Peña, J.A.
    Int. J. Hydrogen Energy, publicado Web, DOI 10.1016/j.ijhydene.2011.11.066, (2011)
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  12. “Mixed matrix membranes for gas separation with special nanoporous fillers”
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  18. “Functionalized flexible MOF as filler in mixed matrix membranes for highly selective separation of CO2 from CH4 at elevated pressures”,
    Zornoza B., Martínez-Joaristi A., Serra-Crespo P., Téllez C., Coronas J., Gascón J., Kapteijn F.
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  26. “Pt-MgZnCu/Al Hydrotalcite-Derived catalysts in the reduction of nitrates using continuous and batch reactors”
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  27. “Suitability for minimal processing of nonmelting clingstone peaches”
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  28. “Specific Heat Capacity of Pure Water at 4.0 MPa between 298.15 and 465.65 K”
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  43. “Análisis de biodisponibilidad de metales en sedimentos de la cuenca del Ebro”
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  49. “Ibones del Pirineo Aragonés: Lagos Glaciares entre agrestes Montañas”
    Valle J. del, Arruebo T., Pardo A., Matesanz J.M., Rodríguez C., Santolaria Z., Lanaja J., Urieta J.
    Ciencias digital ISSN 1888-7848 (edición papel) ISSN 1989-0559 (edición digital) (2011)
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