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Año 2005



  1. “A two-zone fluidized bed reactor for catalytic propane dehydrogenation”
    Gascón J., Téllez C., Herguido J., Menéndez M.
    Chem. Eng. J.; 106 (2), 91-96, (2005)
  2. “On the use of fluidized bed catalytic reactors where reduction and oxidation zones are present simultaneously”
    Herguido J., Menéndez M., Santamaría J.
    Catalysis Today; 100 (1-2, special issue), 181-189, (2005)
  3. “Fluidized bed reactors with two-zones for maleic anhydride production: different configurations and effect of scale”
    Gascón J., Téllez C., Herguido J., Menéndez M.
    Ind. Eng. Chem. Res.; 44, 8945-8951, (2005)
  4. “Air Gasification of dried sewage sludge in a fluidized bed: Effect of the operating conditions and in-bed use of alumina”
    Manyà J.J., Gonzalo A., Sánchez J.L., Arauzo J.
    Energy & Fuels; 19, 629-636, (2005)
  5. “Kinetic study of Meat and Bone Meal pyrolysis: an evaluation and comparison of different possible kinetic models”
    Ayllón M., Gea G., Murillo M.B., Sánchez J.L., Arauzo J.
    J. Anal. Appl. Pyrolysis; 74, 445-453, (2005)
  6. “Straw black liquor steam reforming in a fluid bed reactor. Effect of temperature and bed substitution at pilot scale”
    Sánchez J.L., Gonzalo A., Gea G., Bilbao R., Arauzo J.
    Energy & Fuels; 19, 2140-2147, (2005)
  7. “Kinetics of CO2 gasification of alkaline black liquor from wheat straw. Part 2. Evolution of CO2-reactivity with the solid conversion and influence of temperature on the gasification rate”
    Gea G., Sánchez J.L., Murillo M.B., Arauzo J.
    Ind. Eng. Chem. Res.; 44 (17) 6583-6590, (2005)
  8. “Pyrolysis of waste tyres in an atmospheric static-bed batch reactor: analysis of the gases obtained”
    Berrueco C., Esperanza E., Mastral J.F., Ceamanos, García-Bacaicoa P.
    J. Anal. Appl. Pyrolysis; 74, 245-253, (2005)
  9. “Regeneration of coked catalysts in a polytropic reactor”
    Finol C., Menéndez M., Santamaría J.
    Ind. Eng. Chem.; Res.; 44, 5373-5379, (2005)
  10. “The use of post-synthetic treatments to improve the pervaporation performance of mordenite membranes”
    Navajas A., Mallada R., Téllez C., Coronas J., Menéndez M., Santamaría J.
    J. Membr. Sci.; in press (2005)
  11. “Preparation of silicalite membranes on stainless steel grid supports”
    López F., Bernal M.P., Mallada R., Coronas J., Santamaría J.
    Ind. Eng. Chem. Res.; 44, 7627-7632, (2005)
  12. “Preparation of zeolite NaA membranes on the inner side of tubular supports by means of a controlled seeding technique”
    Pera-Titus M, Llorens J, Cunill F, Mallada R, Santamaría J.
    Catalysis Today; 104, 281-287, (2005)
  13. “Degradation of wine industry wastewaters by photocatalytic advanced oxidation”
    Navarro P., Sarasa J., Sierra D., Esteban S., Ovelleiro J.L.
    Water Science and Technology; 51 (1), 113–120, (2005)
  14. “Oxidative and reductive pathways in manganese catalyzed Fenton’s reactions”
    Watts R.J., Sarasa J., Loge F.J., Teel A.L.
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  15. “Treatment of wastewater coming from painting processes: Application of conventional and advanced oxidation technologies”
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  16. “Use of zeolite membrane reactors for the combustion of VOCs present in air at low concentrations”
    Aguado S., Coronas J., Santamaría J.
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  17. “A new titanosilicate umbite membrane for the separation of H2”
    Sebastian V., Lin Z., Rocha J., Téllez C., Santamaría J., Coronas J.
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  18. “Preparation of titanosilicate ETS-10 and vanadosilicate AM-6 membranes”
    Tiscornia, I., Lin, Z., Rocha, J. Tellez, C., Coronas, J. Santamaría, J.
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  19. “Characterisation of LaOCl sensing materials using CO2-TPD, XRD, TEM and XPS”
    Marsal A., Rossinyol E., Bimbela F., Téllez C., Coronas J., Cornet A., Morante J.R.
    Sensors & Actuators; B 109, 38-43, (2005)
  20. “Hydrogen production by steam reforming of Bio-Oil using coprecipitated Ni-Al catalysts. Acetic Acid as model compound”
    Galdámez J.R., García L., Bilbao R.
    Energy & Fuels; 19, 1133-1142, (2005)
  21. “An experimental and CFD simulation study of reburning under turbulent mixing conditions”
    Liesa F., Alzueta M.U., Millera A., Bilbao R.
    Energy & Fuels; 19, 833-842, (2005)
  22. “An experimental study of the soot formed in the pyrolysis of acetylene”
    Mendiara T., Domene M.P., Millera A., Bilbao R., Alzueta M.U.
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  23. “Pyrolysis of eucalyptus at different heating rates: studies of char characterization and oxidative reactivity”
    Guerrero M., Ruiz M.P., Alzueta M.U., Bilbao R., Millera A.
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    “Preparation of titanosilicate ETS-10 and vanadosilicate AM-6 membranes”
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  24. “An open-ended mass balance problem”
    Ruiz J.
    Chemical Engineering Education; 39 (1), 22-27, (2005)
  25. “Plastic waste elimination by co-gasification with coal and biomass in fluidized bed with air in pilot plant”
    Aznar M.P., Caballero M.A., Sancho J.A., Francés E.
    Fuel Processing Technology; aceptado, (2005)
  26. “Synthesis of carbon nanofibers: effects of Ni crystal size during methane decomposition”
    Chen D., Christensen K.O., Ochoa-Fernández E., Yu Z., Totdal B., Latorre N., Monzón A., Holmen A.
    Journal of Catalysis; 229, 82-96, (2005)
  27. “Promotion by a second metal or SO2 over vanadium supported on mesoporous carbon-coated monoliths for the SCR of no at low temperature”
    García-Bordejé E., Monzón A., Lázaro M.J., Moliner R.
    Catalysis Today; 102-103, 177-182, (2005)
  28. “The ‘PROCESO’ Index: a new methodology for the evaluation of operational safety in the chemical industry”
    Maroño M., Peña J.A., Santamaría J.
    Reliability Engineering and Systems Safety; 91, 349-361, (2005)
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