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Año 2003



  1. “The influence of the permeation regime on the activity of catalytic membranes for methane combustion”
    González-Burillo M., Barbosa A.L., Herguido J., Santamaría J.
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  2. “Propane dehydrogenation over a Cr2O3/Al2O3 catalyst: Transient kinetic modelling of propene and coke formation”
    Gascón J., Téllez C., Herguido J., Menéndez M.
    Applied Catalysis A: General;248, 105-116 (2003)
  3. “Total combustion of metyl-ethyl-ketone over Fe2O3 based catalytic membrane reactors”
    Picasso G., Quintilla, A., Pina M.P., Herguido J.
    Applied Catalysis Environmental; 46, 133-143 (2003)
  4. “Oxidative dehydrogenation of n-butane on V/MgO catalysts. Kinetic study in anaerobic conditions”
    Rubio O., Herguido J., Menéndez M.
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  5. “Preparation, characterization and pervaporation performance of mordenite membranes”
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  6. “On the effect of morphological features on the properties of MFI zeolite membranes”
    Bernal M.P., Coronas J., Menéndez M., Santamaría J.
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  7. “Use of zeolite films to improve the selectivity of reactive gas sensors”
    Vilaseca M., Coronas J., Cirera A., Cornet A., Morante J.R., Santamaría J.
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  8. “Synthesis and characterization of ZSM-5 coatings on cordierite honeycomb supports”
    Ulla M.A., Mallada R., Coronas J., Gutiérrez L., Miró E., Santamaría J.
    Applied Catalysis A: General; 253, 257-269 (2003)
  9. “Swelling behaviour of black liquor from soda pulping of wheat straw”
    Gea G., Murillo M.B., Arauzo J., Frederick W.J.
    Energy & Fuels; 17, 46-53, (2003)
  10. “Straw black liquor gasification studies at the University of Zaragoza”
    Gea G., Murillo M.B., Sánchez J.L., Bilbao R., Arauzo J.
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  11. “Thermal degradation of alkaline black liquor from wheat straw. Part 2. Fixed bed reactor studies”
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  12. “Fluidized bed thermal degradation products of HDPE in an inert atmosphere and in air–N2 mixtures”
    Mastral J.F., Esperanza E., Berrueco C., Juste M., Ceamanos J.
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  13. “The effect of lanthanum on Ni-Al catalyst for catalytic steam gasification of pine sawdust”
    Martínez R., Romero E., García L, Bilbao R.
    Fuel Process Technol.; 85, 201-214 (2003)
  14. “Catalytic decomposition of methane over Ni-Al2O3 coprecipitated catalysts. Reaction and regeneration studies”
    Villacampa J.I., Royo C., Romeo E., Montoya J.A., del Ángel P., Monzón A.
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  15. “A novel device for preparing zeolite-A membranes under a centrifugal force field”
    Tiscareño-Lechuga F., Téllez C., Menéndez M., Santamaría J.
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  16. “Formaldehyde oxidation and interaction with nitric oxide under post-flame conditions”
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  17. “Formation and destruction of CH2O in the exhaust system of a gas engine”
    Alzueta M.U., Glarborg P.
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  18. “Two advanced models for the kinetics of the variation of the tar composition in its catalytic elimination in biomass gasification”
    Corella J., Caballero M.A., Aznar M.P., Claes Brage.
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  19. “Relationship between the kinetic parameters of different catalyst deactivation models”
    Borgna A., Romeo E., Monzón A.
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  20. “Sintering and redispersion of Pt/gAl2O3 catalyst: a kinetic model”
    Monzón A., Garetto T., Borgna A.
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  21. “Acetylene hydrogenation over Ni-Si-Al mixed oxides prepared by sol-gel technique”
    Guimon C., Auroux A., Romero E., Monzón A.
    Applied Catalysis A: General; 251, 199-214, (2003)


  1. “Control de plaguicidas en la Cuenca del Ebro”
    Gracia M.M., Mosteo R., Ormad P., Ovelleiro J.L.
    Tecnología del Agua; 233, 74-80, (2003)
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